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AI Coding is WAY Faster

FileMaker Magazine


While some of the excitement around AI deals with using the technology within your FileMaker solution, it's likely that, as a developer, you should be more excited about how AI changes what you do as a developer.

In fact, it's theorized that the occupation of being a developer will be one of the careers most affected by AI. So, what do you do while we wait and see if this is truly the case? Well, you use AI, of course!

If you haven't yet dipped your toes into the world of using AI to compose some of the code you need, then make sure not to get left behind. You ABSOLUTELY need to investigate how AI changes how you develop. In my own personal experience, I've likely saved a ton of time by having AI write my code for me. The advantage of a developer who already knows code and can take advantage of AI is that they are better developers than those just starting out with no background in coding.

Yes, maybe AI results will eventually become nearly perfect, such that dictating a prompt to create a solution requires no existing knowledge of code. However, any existing knowledge makes you a better composing developer than someone with no knowledge at all.

Here's the trick: You need to know how to take advantage of the tools available, and this video is going to provide the introduction you need in order to make things much faster when coding your FileMaker solution.

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