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Faster: GoZync 4

John Sindelar


We’ve just released the newest version of GoZync and it makes a lot of things easier for developers using sync as part of their workflow.

You’ll find it easier to sync calc fields, add business logic inside the sync, and get GoZync added to your files more quickly. And though we’re still coding for transparency and dependability vs speed, the sync itself is also faster: often 4x faster.zynclogolgmed

If you’ve looked at GoZync before, or are using version 3, this video gives you a quick overview of the new version:

We’ll be blogging more about the code changes that let us thin this down while making it faster (and adding features): it’s a good story. In the mean time, here is the kind of surprising list of improvements / new features in v4: What’s New

GoZync 4 is a free upgrade: migration instructions for existing users are here. Pricing, more movies, and screenshots can be found here: GoZync Home.


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