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Best-Of: FileMaker 13 Animations

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John Sindelar


More Fun with FileMaker Animations: Slide Panels

By carefully positioning images within slide panels we can get a nice animated effect when clicking a simple switch.

This doesn’t use any tricky code, just a very careful placement of the image inside a slide control whose radius has been set to match that of the switch image.

Just like a regular button, we use a simple script to set the field value our switch represents–the same script is attached to each “state” of the switch. We then set FileMaker 13′s animations to “on” before using GoToObject to move the correct panel into focus. The GoToObject routine is in a separate script so you can run it on layout enter to make sure the switch keeps up with its field value.

Download the sample file here: Switch.fmp12

Watch the full video below…

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