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FileMaker® Server 17 And SSL Certificates: Configuration And Use 1.0.0

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Information about new SSL processes and options. Jointly authored with Wim Decorte.


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Thank you for sharing this very helpful paper on FMS17 and SSL.

When upgrading from FMS 13 to 17, we came across an issue that might be worth mentioning in future versions of the text. It took us quite some time to figure out that while an existing certificate can in general be reused, this is NOT the case if it was generating under FMS versions 14 and earlier. Instead, you need to go to the CA's website and regenerate your site and intermediate certificates based on a newly created CSR. This will do the trick.

Your paper justly states that installing the SSL certificate will NOT take care of securing traffic between your PHP website and web users. Since FMS installs its own flavour of the Apache setup, putting the httpd config files within the Filemaker Server folder, it might be worthwhile providing some pointers for this aspect as well. It is not extremely complicated, but PHP admins appear to feel somewhat left in the cold by FM judging from comments in this forum and others. It would be nice to help them out.

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