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  • Your current data exists in different programs and spreadsheets and you've decided that you want to move it into FileMaker. How do you move that data into a normalized FileMaker solution which uses FileMaker primary keys?
  • When new to FileMaker, you used self-made primary keys (with meaning) or customer name for your relationships. You now realise that was not a good idea (and it isn't) but how to change them without breaking all your relationships?

Primary keys should be meaningless and they are critical in a sound relational structure. However changing out primary and foreign keys in a relational structure can be unnerving unless you can clearly see the process. The attached file presents a simple method of switching out relational keys which will work in all versions of FileMaker (at least back through 7).

I cannot complete your migration for you nor re-serialise your table/s but I can (hopefully) show the principle behind reinitializing your relational keys in a way which is simple to implement even if new to FileMaker.

This file is presented in fp7 format to allow access to those with version 7 or greater.


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