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About This File

I created this solution because I wanted to have each day as a record.

The purpose of it, is assigning working days (business days) an incremental number so that number can be used in other related tables on which is required to calculate working days.

It has two main scripts, the firsts populates the year. After year is populated, than holiday days are assigned manually but you can add script at your needs. I left it manually so you can be flexible with it. Where I live is not uncommon to have to work even if it might be a holiday, so every company has different needs.

After holidays have been assigned, there is a second script which will define the incremental number of working days. On the holidays this number is equal to the number the nearest next working day has. For example, if 28 and 29 of November are holidays the working day for those will be 282 the same as that on 30 November. This helps in cases someone assigns a job that starts on holiday and calculate the end date of that job.

Any idea or contribution to make it better is welcomed.

Thank you, Toni


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