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Calculation field: substitution of key with value

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Hi everybody.

I'm a newbie with filemaker, but I'm using it with satisfaction.. 
Sadly, I've made a mistake with my first project and I'm trying to correct it without changing my database, because now it's been populated.
I've create two tables (A and B). In table A I've create a list of value, each of them with a primary key. In table B I've create other records, and in every record there is a field (named "fKTableA") in which I've selected all the values from the table A that are related with the record of table B.

The problem is that now I'm trying to create a report, but (naturally) in "fkTableA" there a list of numbers instead of the values.

Is possible to create a calculation field that substitutes for each number in "fKTableA" the correspondent value of the Table A?

NOW fKTableA: 12          Expected results fKTableA: Tizio

                          34                                                        Caio

                          25                                                        Sempronio

Thanks in advance for your help and excuse me for my poor english.. ^_^


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This is rather confusing. Suppose you have a Parent table that look like this:

ParentID       ParentName
12                   Tizio
34                    Caio
25                    Sempronio

and a Child table that looks like this:

ParentName   Other fields...

you should do the following:

  1. Define a ParentID field in the Child table;
  2. Define the relationship between the two tables as:
    Parent::ParentName = Child::ParentName


  3. Go to a layout of the Child table, show all records, click into the ParentID field and select: Records > Replace Field Contents… > Replace with calculated result =



  4. Change the relationship to:

    Parent::ParentID = Child::ParentID


  5. Delete the ParentName field from the Child table.


Make sure you have a backup before you try this - there is no undo.


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Thank Comment,

Your solution doesn't work for me. I've tried to simplify a little more the situation, I think..

Table A has those fields: pKTableA (primary key) and valueA (text value).

Table B has those fields: pKTableB (primary key), fKTableA (foreign key populated with pKTableA), other values..

When I was populating table B, I use checkbox input format (that allow to select multiple values) for the fKTableA, showing the related value (valueA) in the field itself. Now, when I try to create a report, filemaker correctly show me the content of fKTableA: the numeric key of table A. I would like to show, instead of a list of numeric values for each record, the list of related text values.

The calculation field should make a calculation like this: For each line of the field fKTableA get the number and substitutes it with the related text value.

I hope that I explain it more clearly.. Thanks in advance

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I would be grateful to you if you used meaningful names for your tables instead of abstract names likes Table A and Table B. We are people here, not machines.

If I finally understand the issue correctly (?), you want a calculation field (result is Text) =

List ( TableA::valueA )

Alternatively, you could use a portal to show the related records and their text values.

Keep in mind that this form of many-to-many relationship without a join table is very limited in terms what you can do in your report.


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This topic is 1831 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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