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Saving Files into Folders

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Hi guys/gals,

Hope you might be able to help out here. We're working on Windows version of FM/FMS.

When I create a client record I manually create a folder within our documents folder on the network and copy/paste the folder path into the folder field. It normally looks something like this: "\\SVR\Documents\CustomerName"

When we create a job on the system an order acknowledgement PDF is emailed out to the customer and a copy of the order ack placed in the customers root directory (as above).

This wasn't a problem when we first started with the FM solution but now we have hundreds of customers with dozens of Order Acknowledgements cluttering up the root customer directory.

What I'd like to do is have FM auto create a directory, such as "\\SVR\Documents\CustomerName\OrderAcks" when the record is created. This I think I'm fine with for new records. I can work that out with a script step.

I can probably work out a looped script to create the directory in all the EXISTING customer's folders but how would I go about moving all the existing OA's into the new folder via FM? All the OA's have the same naming schema such as "OA-12345.pdf" so doing a wildcard select may be a possibility.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

Move OA*.pdf <OA Folder>

Any ideas guys/gals?


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FileMaker in and of itself doesn't really do 'move' - OS level scripting, or some of the various plugins may be able to assist with that.

Personally, I'd just recreate all of them into the correct folders over a weekend, and probably also create a list of files generated to compare to the ones in the root directory to identify any that weren't recreated.

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This topic is 2747 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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