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Plastic surgery question bank - problem getting related fields to show in a portal


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Help please!

I am trying to write a solution to help manage the rewrite of an examination question bank.

I am going around in circles trying to get one of the portals to work. 

Each original question can have multiple derived questions created from it; thus I have a table: QuestionOriginal and a table: QuestionDerived.

I am trying to show the derived questions in the original question form via a Portal.

I have set a one to many relationship: QuestionOriginal -< QuestionDerived and set the relationship to allow creation of records in the QuestionDerived form

However, when I try and create a New Record by clicking in a field in the Portal (ContentTest) - I just cannot enter it to enter data to drive the creation of a new record.

Any advice gratefully received. File attached.

Thanks Garth

Section one rewrite.fmp12

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Well, there are three relationship steps between the two - and only one of them allows record creation across the relationship

I would (not knowing exactly why the relationships are set that way) create a new TO for derived questions, and directly attach it to QuestionsOriginal for the portal

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Result! :)

Thanks - I had done this the other way round; I created a new TO for the QuestionOriginal and attached this to the QuestionsDerived. I don't understand why this does not work, is this because I am trying to create records from the perspective of QuestionOriginal, so any Portals have to have relationships created attached to the original parent table? I hope that makes sense!

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This topic is 2733 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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