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Text field with auto numbered lines


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I'm taking on a client the has been using MS Word.Obviously with word you can auto number lines. In their reports that go to another agency they are required to have a text narrative where each line in numbered. i.e.

1. something here is writen

2. by the user and it could go

3. on for several pages.         


how can this be accomplished ?  


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I would prefer not to do this within Filemaker and look for a way to export the text to another application (e.g. Word) that can do it more elegantly.

The real problem here is not line numbering, but line breaking. Filemaker has no idea where the automatic line breaks are - so if you want to number the lines yourself, you also need to break them yourself. And your tool set for this task is severely limited, because the most you can do is count the characters. That's woefully inadequate when dealing with a proportional font.

If you do decide to go this way, I would suggest you do the line breaking and numbering only at the end, and in a separate field. Otherwise you will run into problems if the user wants to edit the original text.

If you have the Advanced version, you can utilize two existing custom functions: Abscind() by Ray Cologon and LineNumbering() by Daniele Raybaudi for this. I am attaching a simple demo showing how (with a slight modification to the latter). Otherwise you will have to rewrite them as looping scripts (or get someone to install the custom functions for you).



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This topic is 2744 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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