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Parse and Trim in One Calculation

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I currently have a field that takes the first line from an address field (could be a law firm or an attorney's name):

GetValue ( Customer ; 1 )

(for example, John Smith, Esq.)

I also have a second field which takes the data from the above field and, if that address line is an attorney's name, removes the trailing ", Esq." leaving only the attorney's name:

Case ( Right ( PDF_BillTo ; 6) = ", Esq." ; Left  ( PDF_BillTo; Length ( PDF_BillTo ) - 6) ; PDF_BillTo  )

(for example, John Smith)

Is there a way to consolidate both calculations into one field so it's more efficient?  I can't seem to wrap my head around this and it's driving me nuts.



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The Let() function is very convenient in situations like this, as it allows you to work step by step, without having to nest your statements until they become an unreadable mess.

Let (
name =  GetValue ( Customer ; 1 ) 
Case ( Right ( name ; 6 ) = ", Esq." ; Left  ( name ; Length ( name ) - 6 ) ; name  ) 

This does the same thing as:

Case ( Right ( GetValue ( Customer ; 1 )  ; 6 ) = ", Esq." ; Left  ( GetValue ( Customer ; 1 ) ; Length ( GetValue ( Customer ; 1 )  ) - 6 ) ; GetValue ( Customer ; 1 )   )

which is not only less readable, but also less efficient, as it has to evaluate the expression GetValue ( Customer ; 1 ) 4 times.



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Thanks so much.  As you can see, I'm no Filemaker expert and sometimes I hit a wall and need a shove in the right direction.

Thanks again, and have a great day.


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