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Giant Error Logs

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Filemaker Server 14

Windows Server 2012 R2

FTPeek 1.67


I have been getting (what I am assuming are) error logs in C:\windows\temp titled 360out*some hash number*, that are just under 40GB each and are eating up the drive.  Yes, that is Gigabytes and isn't a typo.  Any help on managing this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

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Are you running lots of operations with FTPeek or getting lots of errors? Is there possibly a smaller log file that would have similar events occurring that you could compress and send to support@360works.com? If the file is still to large for email you can use our uploader here.

Another option is to simply reduce the amount of logging that the plugin does. You can either reduce the amount of logging by having the plugin log only more serious issues, or you can disable logging entirely. This will of course make it difficult for us to troubleshoot things but it might be worth it if it is still an issue after reducing the logging amount. Instructions for doing that are here.

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