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[HELP] General Relationship Question

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To preface, I'm a novice user. I have Filemaker Pro Advanced (14, I believe), and I'm trying to create relationships across a few tables. What I'm attempting to do is compare what was ordered from the "LB_Order_Info" table to what was produced in a table called "Alb_Incoming_Shipments_Item". For further explanation, the "LB_Order_Item" table has a portal that's related to the "Alb_LB_Order_Item" table. In LB_Order_Item, I key the week that the product was produced for, and then in the portal associated with Alb_LB_Order_Item, I type in the item number, and the amount ordered. 

On another set of tables, I have "Alb_Incoming_Shipments," where I key in the information from the delivery slips created by the production facility, into another portal related to "Alb_Incoming_Shipments_Item". This portal/table contains the item number, the quantity shipped, and the week it was produced for. 

What I'm trying to do is create a layout with LB_Order_Info as the table, with only the only field being production week, then place a portal inside of it that shows the item number, the quantity ordered (from Alb_LB_Order_Item table), and the quantity shipped (from the Alb_Incoming_Shipments_Item table). 

I've attached a print screen on my relationships. I can't seem to add an attachment, so I've hosted it on Imgur. Here's the link... http://i.imgur.com/jRwa9TO.jpg

Quick Edit: The item number is in a field called "BUSS," "BUSSNumber," or "Item_Number", depending on the table. 

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Just drag the image or attachment to the bottom of the reply window.

You know; where it says Drag files here to attach.


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Thanks, Bruce.

I did see that, but I was getting an error. Something along the lines of, "Attaching the selected file failed. -200" 


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