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Need guidance in setting up a multi-field, summarized report

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(I'm sure this has been covered here at quite a few times but my search criteria isn't pulling up what I'm looking for so my apologies if my ineptness is showing.)

I have a FileMaker Pro database that's a 12-question questionnaire: in one table it has 24 fields; 12 to capture a rating value (one rating field per question) and a companion Comments field for each question/rating; there are around 1,200 records. What I want to do is print a report where each break field is a question and its respective comments--gathered from all the records for that question--falls under its respective heading/break field, sub-summary-style.

At first I thought of looping each comment into a global (or local) variable then combining the result into one HUGE text box. However, I don't think that's the ticket. If you can just give me a little push in the right direction I'll figure out how to code the rest.


TIA for your help!


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Obviously, you have a sub-optimal structure. You should have a separate record for each response (I am assuming that your records are actually the responses to the 12 questions, not the questions themselves - as could be understood from your description). So instead of having 24 fields x 1,200 records, you will have 2 fields x 14,400 records* - and producing the required report will become trivial.


(*) More precisely, it will be 3 fields - because you have to add a QuestionID field.


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Thanks! I'll do that in addition to creating a (Number) field that'll hold the question number so it'll make easy to sub-summarize by question number.

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I forgot to mention you'll probably also want a field for SubjectID - or whatever it is that those 12 responses have in common (i.e. whatever a record in your current table represents).

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