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I desperately need help URGENTLY

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I have to make a thing on filemaker for a school assignment which is be due tomorrow and there are some things i have no clue how to achieve. 

My assessment notification says  "Create a query which shows all sales made during a set period of time. E.g.: last month. Sort the records in descending order based on purchase amount (in dollars)." but i dont know how to do this. Ive tried following tutorials but all i get is error messages. Please, someone, can i have something i can copy and paste into the button criteria thing so im not completely screwed. thanks

- A desperate teenager with no clue how to use filemaker

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Hi Freesia

I'm sure the idea is that you learn how to do it yourself, rather than getting someone else to do it for you (at least that's how I remember school, though it was 28 years ago!)

If you have the start of a database then we could give you some guidance on the last few steps if you have given it a go. You could post the database here.

I'd start with just one table, with maybe an primary key (ID), a date field for the invoice date, and a value (number) field for the invoice value. You could then add a simple script that does a find on a date range, and then sorts the results.

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