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Mirrorsync 4 - no custom filters

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Our problem:
Mirrorsync 4.0 is not filtering any records with the script steps in the customization script.
All data is synced ... .

We used the xml setting in the configuration utility and "Constrain found set" in the mirrorsync customization script.

The same filter worked fine in Mirrorsync 3.17

We installed the sync completely new in the database when we moved to Version 4  and copied the script steps into the new customization script.


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Hey Carsten,

    To help us figure out what’s going, could we get some more information from you? We would like to see your MirrorSync logs and from there could take a look at your configurations and see what’s going on.

     If you go to the MirrorSync webpage (from where you downloaded the configuration client, usually it's [serveraddress].com/MirrorSync), please click on “Send problem report and log files” and include a brief description of your problem. This will forward your logs and configuration information to support@360works.com, allowing us to take a look at your setup and initiate a support ticket. Then we can get back to you with any questions or fixes we have.

  Should you have any other questions,  please let us know.


Junior Perez

Support Specialist@360Works

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Hi Junior

With the very fast help of the support at 360Works this problem was easily solved - THX to this !

It was my, as we say in german, "tomatoes on the eyes" problem.

The old script steps were inserted in the wrong section of the new customization script :-(
("Willsync" instead of "Findchanges")

Just to let you know that the problem was solved and if anyone else also has "tomatoes on his eyes" in future ;-)

Thanks a lot



Edited by Carsten

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