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Log Files on sync errors

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Is there a log file or files that I can view to determine explicit SQL errors? For example, I'm getting a "data would be truncated" error during the sync which points me to the correct row of the table in question, however, I can't tell which column/field is causing the problem. It would be helpful if this was logged. It's possible that the SQL error itself does not state this, but I'd like to see the logs if available anyway.





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Hey Bob!

  MirrorSync writes to log files that are organized day-to-day. Hopefully this makes it easier for you to find the specific event you're looking for.

  On Mac, the path is /Library/360Works/Applications/logs/    

  On Windows, the path is C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\logs

  And the file name will be something like "MirrorSync.2017-08-18.log" depending on the date. 

  If at any time you want us to take a look into your issue or can't find the logs, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can initiate support by e-mailing us at support@360works.com, or by going to your MirrorSync web-app landing page in your browser (usually [serveraddress]/MirrorSync, the same page where you download the config file) and click on "Send problem report and log files."

Good luck with your project,

Junior Perez

360Works Support Specialist, 770.234.9293

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