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Cannot Launch MirrorSync after Installing SSL Certificate

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I am running MirrorSync 3 on a FMS 14 machine (OS 10.9.5) and recently switched from using the self-signed certificate to a SSL certificate issued by a certificate authority supported by FileMaker.  I was able to successfully install the SSL certificate.  I didn't think I needed to make any changes in the MirrorSync configuration when I switched the SSL certificate since the configuration was already setup for SSL.

Another major server change I made prior to installing the SSL certificate was I uninstalled FMS 14.0.1 & reinstalled 14.0.4 to enable communication with FM 16 clients.  But according to the documentation topic "What if I need to redeploy FileMaker Server?", I didn't think there was action I needed to take with MirrorSync.

My user in Mexico just notified me today that she cannot sync and I am unable to open MirrorSync on the server.  Obviously MirrorSync was affected by one of the changes I made.  I can't find an error log from today on the server from when the device tried to sync.  I did have the device user try to use the Report Bug button, but she said it also gave her an error message.  What do I need to do to recover & get back up & synchronizing?  I do have a full server drive backup (made after stopping all FileMaker processes, and excluding the Data folder!) from prior to doing the uninstall and reinstall of FMS 14.0.1/14.0.4.

When I do https://yourservername.com/MirrorSync, I get the "Object Not Found!" Error 404 page...

I have a screenshot of the error dialog she is seeing on her device and can send that if you want.

Thank you for your guidance!

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For anyone that may read this thread in the future, Tsiry from 360 Works provided great support and helped me get it resolved.

I tried stopping/starting the 360Works application server using 360Works Admin.jar at /Library/360Works/ but that didn't help, but it did give me access to the MirrorSync page to allow me to submit a bug report including the day's server log.

I then reinstalled MirrorSync 3.17 and that resolved it!

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