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Print Statements from within FM?

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QuickBooks Online has taken away some functionality in regards to printing statements for mailing purposes. Yes. We still need to occasionally kill the odd tree or two.

Now that we've got all our QBOE data in our FM solution, is there a Statement (as opposed to Invoices) option/layout I've missed?



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    • By HunterBoss
      Within QBOE there's a function or button where the user can create a URL that provides a real time link to that specific invoice. It can be used as a way for the client to pay online. The URL starts with https://connect.intuit.com/portal/app/CommerceNetwork/....
      When we first started to try to get data from QBOE, we thought this was possible. Now we're having a hard time finding it.
      Anybody else try this?
    • By junito2001
      Hello, I work for a school and I'm creating an evaluation database for our principals to use. Within that we have proficiency areas in which teachers get evaluated and receive a score of HE, E, NI, or U. I have one domain (that holds the proficiency scores) which a can receive 4 possible combinations (PAR1, PAR2, PAR3, PAR4) of scores (ex.. he, he, he, he or he, ni, e, e, etc....); based on the combination, the teacher will then receive a final score for the entire domain of HE, E, NI or U. So example:
      Teacher1 gets:
      PAR1 = HE
      PAR2 = E
      PAR3 = E
      PAR4 = E
      The teacher's domain final score will be an E. 
      What is the easiest way I can script these domainX scores without writing out each possible combination out in If statements (which is what I started to do but my eyes are beginning to hurt). Here are the criteria:
      HE if
      All four PARs are HE Three PARS are HE and one E E if
      Two PARs are E and two are HE All four PARs are E Three PARs are E and one is either NI or HE NI if
      Two PARs are E and two are NI Any three PARs are NI One PAR is NI, one PAR is U and two PARS are E or HE U if
      Two or more PARs are U  
      Any ideas anyone? Please help!! 
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