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Filemaker Go Import Records bug

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I THINK I may have stumbled onto a bug in how Filemaker Go handles imports of records from another filemaker database.

When importing records from another database, the manual states that if you import from a closed file, it will import all records from the specified table (ie, with a closed file there's no found set hence all records are imported). This is what I want, and how it works on the desktop (Windows in my case).

I am importing data from an older version file (same data structure) into a new version. Works fine on FM Pro. However, performing the exact same procedure on FM Go, I get only data from a found set (the app automatically goes to a specified layout when opened normally, which filters records). From what I can see and find, this is not how it should be (and is a problem for me).

Before I go and register this as a unwanted feature/bug, I'd like some opinions whether this is expected behaviour on FM Go?



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Still not sure whether this is to be regarded as a bug, I will be submitting it to FM. I did find what the problem is though. Apparently, when you close a file on FMGo, it must save the current state of the file. Ie, if I have a found set when I close the database on FMGo, that found set is kept. If I open the database again that found set is essentially restored, unless I override it with a new find or a show all.

I tested this by prior to closing the database opening a layout with the problem table, do a show all records, and then close the file. Eureka. The import now worked importing all records.

Not sure if FM knows about this (I will tell them), but the intermediate solution is to go to loop through each table and do a show all prior to exiting if you need to import records at some point.

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