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Muhammad Ikram

Error in setting up Mirror Sync

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I came across MirrorSync recently, found it very interesting so I thought give it a go. 

I have managed to install it on FM server. However I am having issue setting it up.  

I have gone through all the documentations, enabled fmxml and fmdbc in my solution which is hosted on my FM server. I have run the deployment on FM server and enabled xml.

But i am still having issues with getting databases. 

I get an error  "could not get database names"

and sometime I get an error "XML web publishing is not enabled". But It is enabled.

I have tried number of things like disabling and enabling XML, restarting server etc.. but nothing has worked. 

Has anyone else had this issue or anyone have any idea how it can be resolved. 


Many Thanks. 




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Put in this URL, replacing your server's IP address for yourServer:


If you get Error 959, it means XML Web Publishing not enabled.

Re-run the deployment assistant (this is not the same as a reinstall). Be sure to check the box for XML Web Publishing. Then repeat that URL query, and verify that the error code is 0 instead of 959. Once you get that working, MirrorSync should be fine.

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