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SubSummary Total Manipulation

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I have a customer who needs to modify the sub summary totals independantly of each other ...

This report is sorted by Item ID ...

Item 1 = $100.00 ( subsummary )

Item 2 = $200.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( discount by 5%) on this subsummary total

Item 3 = $300.00 ( subsummary )

Item 4 = $400.00 ( subsummary ) customer want to manipulate ( mark up by 25%) on this subsummary total

Item 5 = $500.00 ( subsummary )

I've provided for these markup and discount calculation in the grand total but they do not want their customers to see the discount and or markup on the total

So I put the discount / mark up on the line record itself but they don't want to discount / mark up the line record, they want to discount / mark up the subsummary total because I am being told that, that is were everybody in the company is looking and that is were they want to see the mark up / discount, hmm ..

I've place a calculation field by subsummary with the break on the Item ID thinking I could look through the relationship: fk_item_id_to_pk_item_id on the subsummary row however, the calculation only calculates based on the 1st record or item 1 which I get that filemaker see the 1st record in the relationship and Item 2 thru 5 nothing changes.  But if I am summarizing via the Get ( SubSummary ) function I would have thought the calculation within the subsummary report would calculate each item total separately.

Anyway, any assistance here I would be grateful.

Thank you.

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I'd make 2 reports, one the customer sees, and one they see.  The one they see would be accurate and more likely follow general accounting principals.

Or you can put in gross and net  subsummaries and hide them accordingly.

Keep in mind to manipulate summary fields you need to use the GetSummary function.

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I've done that ... what I'm saying is that the GetSummary Function only effect the 1st item only.  Items 2 thru 5 no effect.

Meaning when I try to discount or markup item 2 thru 5 nothing happens, only when I attempt to discount item 1 does the subsummary actualy change to correspond to the discount of mark up.

It doesn't make sence why the Get(SubSummary ) ... break by Item ID, I can not have separate calculation effect each subsummary independantly.

I think it has something to do with the relationship becuse the relationship by default sort to the top records and maybe the subsummary through the relationship fk_Item_ID_to_pk_Item_ID on Items 2 thru 5 it not looking at the 1st record.  Or the field on Item 2 thru 5 are being manipulate on record number "x" not record number 1 within the relationship.

It seems like the Get(SubSummary ) should allow me to see separate calculation by item id where I can manipulate each subsummary total.

Thank you though for you input 🙂



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It’s generally a lot easier to understand a complicated request if you post a clone or an example file.

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