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Dianne Leigh

Drop Down Question

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I am completely new to the FileMaker platform however not new to databases.  I love FileMaker so far however, I'm a bit stuck.


I have a customer table, a cities table and a states table and a form (or layout).  The cities and states are drop down boxes for the user to use however, how do I set it up so that the user can enter NEW data into the drop down box (table) and have it check that for duplicates?


Thanks so much for your help!


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One approach I use is to create a table of zip codes (Zips).  I don't allow entry/modification to City, State or Zip on the customers layout.  On the City field, I use an OnObjectEnter script trigger.

The script trigger pops open a card window list view of Zips with City, State & Zip.  There is also a global search field tied to a type ahead script which basically pares down the list as you type.

When the user finds the City|State|Zip they want, clicking a "+" button captures the data, closes the card window and enters the appropriate info into the fields.

If, when typing the list goes 'blank' (no matches) a dialog pops up to ask if they want to create a new CSZ.

If they do, it creates a single blank record where the user can enter the data.  Then with buttons, cancel or create insert that new data.  That script can check for dups.


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