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WebViewer painfully slow on Windows 10 (fast on macOS)

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I have come across something very strange: a website which is loading fast within FileMaker's Web Viewer on macOS and painfully slow in FileMaker's Web Viewer on Windows 10.

Note that the website loads with adequate speed when called in Microsoft's Edge browser directly on Windows 10. It's only within FileMaker where a (very long) delay happens.


Load times

macOS browser: 2sec

macOS Web Viewer: 2sec

Windows 10 browser (Edge): 4sec

Windows 10 Web Viewer: ca.20sec


Any explanations for this behaviour? Anything we can do about this?

See sample file attached...


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The Web Viewer in FileMaker claims to be using Internet Explorer 11 (tested with above tip from comment). 

Based on these two resources, I have switched it to display websites in Edge-mode (11001):



Unfortunately that didn't speed things up a bit.

I have since tested this on a Windows 10 system (all up to date) with FMPA 17 in 64bit, as well as a Windows 10 Pro system (up to date) with FMPA 17 in 32 bit.

Here's a video that shows the difference: http://www.innodat.ch/download/WebViewer_Speed_Comparison.mp4

macOS: < 3 sec

Windows 10 Pro: 148sec

I should point out that Windows is running as a virtual machine in this video. A six core i7 Dell Laptop was able to load the Web Viewer in about 20 sec. Which is still unusable in our context though.

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Thank you for this, didn't occur to me to test (silly of me).

It's just as fast in Explorer 11 as it is in Edge as it is on macOS (<3sec).

Only in FileMaker's web viewer it's excruciatingly slow.

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For it to get solved (maybe) 1 year down the road? I apologize for my blatant sarcasm, but that's been my experience with this kind of feedback. It won't help our project. We probably just have to take the user to the browser with the Open URL script step. 

What I can point out, is that the HTML file is 6MB in size and contains a lot of Base64. Maybe the web viewer on Windows (still) has memory issues. Or the memory FileMaker can allocate to the WebViewer on Windows is just too limited. The client has 3D models which go up to 100MB. This is a small one for testing.

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This topic is 591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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