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Save Event Error

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Using FM 16.0.2 ProAdvanced (32bit), I've installed, registered gmanipulator demo, authenticated, and can pull calendar events successfully, but when I try to edit an existing calendar event or create a new one, I now get a "Failed to Save" error message popup. Interestingly, I was successfully editing and creating events on this same calendar last night but when I went back to it today, relaunched Filemaker, registered and authenticated once again, I am now getting these errors.

Failed to save the record: Error Encountered from Google
Message: Exception saving the record
Code: -400
Extended: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on this, please.


EDIT: Relaunched everything a few hours later and I see it all seems to be working again. This strikes me as not very reliable but I would appreciate any insight into what the error means specifically. Thanks

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Still have this problem, now with paid latest version. When it occurs, there seems to be nothing I can do to affect it, other than wait for it to start working again. Anyone have similar issue?

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Resolved: So what I thought was a random failure of PCGM_SaveRecord function which generated the stated error, but would often work fine later, is actually caused by bad data that Google did not like, which apparently got changed in the interim to something Google would accept. This made the SaveRecord function failure look random to me.

I guess I was expecting the PCGM_SetFieldValue( FieldName ; Value ; optType ) function to report an error on bad data, but it was not until the PCGM_SaveRecord that I would get the cryptic error from Google.

In the case of my script, the bad data was caused by PCGM_GetFieldValue( "ColorID" ; Events::ColorID ) from a calendar event that had no manual color selection (was left on default color) and apparently returns null, but when I turned right around and PCGM_SetFieldValue( "ColorID" ; Events::ColorID ) with the null color ID value, I would get the stated error. Changing the ColorID value to an assigned color number, 1 for example, fixes the error.

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Valid ColorID:
1=Lavendar (Light Purple)
2=Sage (Light Green)
3=Grape (Purple)
4=Flamingo (Peachy Orange)
5=Banana (Yellow)
6=Tangerine (Orange)
7=Peacock (Light Blue)
8=Graphite (Dark Gray)
9=Blueberry (Dark Blue)
10=Basil (Dark Green)
11=Tomato (Dark Red)

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