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Pushing Additional Contacts

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I am trying to push half a dozen additional contacts I all seems well except only the first 2 go over. One gets set to the "Primary Contact" in QB, the next gets set to Secondary Contact" in QB. It appears that there can be a 3rd value called "Additional Contact". I have looked through the OSR but I don't see anything within the CustomerAdd section that would apply to how to set this attribute (or ecevn what the attribute is called).

Due to the fact that my looping is working to create these first two contacts, and per the OSR there can be an unlimited number of contacts, I was just presuming these get set in the order that they were entered. But my script will only put in the first two contacts so I imagine that the have to set some sort of field to "Additional Contact", I just can't find it.

Any advice?

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I believe the API does not allow you to Add/Mod Contacts beyond the primary Contact and AltContact records. In addition, I think a CustomerQuery will only return the first two Contacts, and characterizer them as Contact and AltContact, regardless of how they were entered in the UI.

The OSR displays different values on the Request Tab than the XMLOps tab for Contacts: Request shows a "ContactsList" node, while XMLOps shows a "Contacts" node. This inconsistency appears to support my recollection that Intuit never fully implemented the functionality.

Please post again if you find anything that contradicts either assertion--would love to implement this so it works as expected in my FMP/QB integration template.

Geoffrey Gerhard
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Hello KylePMerck,

The additional contacts would be added as multiple successive additions of the “Contacts” element within a CustomerAdd request.


You should make sure the logic of the script isn’t kicking out after two related contacts, and that each Contacts added is done with 1 RqAddRelatedRecord and 1 RqCloseRelatedRecord each.

Hope this helps. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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Have you confirmed that this now works? It's been awhile and I may have tried this only in the previous version of the API, but IIRC a CustomerAddRq with more than two Contact nodes--and assuming no AdditionalContactRef nodes--would create the Customer record and add the first two Contact iterations only while ignoring additional repetitions.

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I have confirmed this does not work!

We ran a test and it only added the first two. It looks like only two can be added, and there’s no way to edit a customer to add more contacts.

We did some digging and this is actually mentioned in the Intuit Forums as a missing feature. 


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