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eOffice 1.2 released

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Sestante Srl and Buliga Software are pleased to announce the release of eOffice 1.2 for FileMaker Pro 5, both Macintosh and Windows Platforms.

e-Office is an integrated office management solution that allows you to:

- send and receive emails, faxes and SMSs

- write, store, print and retrieve all your office "paper" letters.

- organize, plan and see your tasks

In more detail, e-Office is comprised of each of these tightly integrated


1. An email module that:

- Allows sending and receiving emails from FileMaker Pro using the POP3it

and SMTPit plug-ins by CNS; no other applications are required.

- Allows multiple email accounts per user.

- Allows you to define multiple rules by which each user can program how to

handle incoming/received e-mails; customizable management of sent messages; user-defined codes to classify messages

- Has built-in capabilities for internal (LAN) message exchange.

- Has an HTML email sending routine, either using HTML formatted text or .html files

- HTML dynamic mass-mailing routine allowing to send batch HTML emails

- Looks similar to Outlook Express, with customizable highlight

colors, icons, folders, sub-folders and sub-subfolders.

- Allows you to use an email-to-fax service to send faxes, SMS messages,

and anything else offered by the service (voice mail, ground mail, etc.)

2. A Letters module that:

- Allows you to organize letters using a 3-level customizable folder hierarchy. No more hundreds of text files scattered in folders, subfolders and sub sub folders often in different computers: keep your office letters together, organized, searchable, easily retrievable

- Dynamic mass-lettering routine allowing to create/print batch letters

- Supports personalized printouts

3. A multiuser planner that:

- Allows day, week and month views

- Allows bidirectional sort of tasks by date, time, priority, status and type

- Filters tasks by user

- Supports banners

- Supports repeating tasks.

- Can be synchronized with a palm device.

- Is completely customizable (task types, icons, backgrounds and highlight colours)

4. A detailed Company/Contact data management module, including mass communication procedures like mass-mailing and mass lettering

eOffice works on both Macintosh and Windows platforms and can be used in multi-user networks

Demo version

A fully functional time- and record-limited demonstration version of eOffice 1.2 is available from CNS's web site listed below or at the Buliga Software Home page (http://www.buliga.it/eoffice.html) or can be obtained by sending a request to Giuseppe Pupita <gpupita@sestante.net>

Pricing and Availability

We're pleased to announce that the distribution and sale of the english version of eOffice will be handled through the Comm-Unity Networking Systems web site listed below.

Site license: $ 599

Developer's license: $ 999

Licenses can be ordered from CNS's secure web site.

Both licenses entitle to a fully open copy of the files.

Plug-ins are not included, and can be purchased separately

Contact Information:

Giuseppe Pupita

Via Trave 26 - 61032 Fano (PU) Italy

Phone: +39.339.8127232

Email: gpupita@sestante.net or info@buliga.it

Web: http://www.buliga.it

Comm-Unity Networking Systems

8652 Camp Bowie West, Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Phone: 817-560-4226

Email: info@comm-unity.net or sales@comm-unity.net

Web: http://www.cnsplug-ins.com/

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