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Window restoring to size of other layout

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Hi all

Just wondering if anyone's ever experienced this odd problem. When I restore the window of our main Clients layout (which upon startup is maximised), its size is that of another layout (Case list), which loads on startup, and is only ever shown in its own floating document window.
I then load up an offline backup, and then restore, resize to a reasonable size, go in to layout mode, perform a small change and then save. This fixes the issue for that session.
However when I load up this 'fixed' backup file locally again, instead of starting maximised, it now loads up in the restored size of the Case list, regardless of which layout. But also the menubar is not visible, which is one of the properties of the Case list. The next time I load up the file it loads up maximised but restores to the 'wrong' size, and the menubar is still missing.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


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Resolved by opening a backup, removing any on open or on close scripts, removing any custom menus and then restoring the window and resizing to a more appropriate size.

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