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sorting a portal by field

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I want to be able to sort a portal by clicking on the field names. after searching the internet I found this:


I have implement it on a basic database and I can not get it working. 

I have put all fields visible in the layout so I can see the behind the scenes working. the issue is my calculation fields are showing a "?", this makes me think something is wrong. any ideas. 


I think I may need to put in more details to this question please let me know.






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fitch, iv attempted to replicate the database and have copied the tables, fields including calc, script.

when I. try to run it I get a error.

order the portal by clicking filed names nothing seems to happen. iv attached the file I have made. I cart work out what you did different that i have not done.



sorting test.fmp12

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made a change and thought id upload the file
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