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Can't Enable BaseElements on Server 18

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Realized that I had an old version of the Base Elements plugin on my macOS FMS installation. 

  • Disabled the plugin in the Admin Console
  • Removed the file from the Database Server > Extensions folder
  • Put the new version in the folder
  • Restarted the server

The plugin is recognized in the Admin Console but it is disabled and I can't enable it.

Any thoughts?


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On mac you may need to set permissions on the extension folder.

It may work better if you install the plugin into a container field and install it using the script step. 


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The easiest way to get it right is to create a FM file that uses the "install plugin file" script step, and call it from both a PSoS and WebDirect - that way FMS itself will put it in the right place with the right permissions.

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I am having the same problem.

We have FM server 18 running on Catalina. It has been running for months with the most recent BaseElements pluggin installed.

I just updated the FM server to 18.04 and now BE is broken. When I click the BE checkbox to enable it in the server it turns right off again.

It looks like the update may have broken it.

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