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I learned recently that you can build a settings table that controls layout size, so that all your layout sizes can be adjusted from one table without entering each layout individually to adjust the size. How do you make this settings table and apply it?

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Where did you learn that?  That would be the obvious place to see an implementation of the idea.

Short of storing a desired window size for each layout, I'm hard-pressed to think of a way to do this.

I usually don't bother trying to control window sizes.  If you use the "adjust window" script step on those navigation scripts that go to layouts which you know are much bigger than what the user typically has the window set to then, then things just work.

And unless you take away the ability for the user to resize a window, you may be annoying the user to no end if you constantly resize their windows.  Using proper object anchoring takes care of not having to resize windows.

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in one solution i had a user session table for that user and stored several parameters on their record when they log out various windows and positions are recorded on their record - on log in during startup certain values are restored in to global variables or field and as the user navigates their setting take precedence over the defaults.

however you have to be carful of the users current environment as well. I set it up for one client who has two displays and always had to windows launch on startup and one window is moved to the second display - when he tried to log in on a laptop with out the display the window was so far over he could never see it.

you just need to be aware of a lot of forethought for all sorts of deployments. 

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