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Value Lists and the Actual Data Stored be different values?

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FM stores value list options as they are whole.

A web form supports showing the label and storing an associated value.

Can the same behavior be easily duplicated in FM?

This is in cases where you're working with data that uses simple stand ins rather than the entire string.

stored value  -- Means:

a (All Options)

b (Beta Release)

c (Complete Image)

tr (Translated)


I could do a focused find/replace with that CSV data and change those values into their full descriptions, which means any data going back the other way needs to be exported with the values rather than descriptions first.

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When you define a value list, you get to choose between custom values and values from a field. If you select values from a field, you can select a 2nd field (in the same record) to be used as the label. Fields formatted as pop-up menu will continue to display the label after selection. For fields formatted as drop-down list, you can overlay the field with a non enterable field showing the label. If you're using a field formatted as a checkbox set, you can define the value list to show values only from the 2nd field. In either case, only the value from the 1st field is stored.


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Ya know.. I even saw that while perusing around the options. It just didn't occur to me that .. that was what I was looking for, almost.

I wish I could do it with a plain value list. This way, though I did it by adding a table for configuring value list choices and then use those fields. Sp it works.

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