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Keep other Fields / assets from changing appearance when something is clicked, selected, etc.

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I'm not sure how to exactly to describe this, but ever since FileMaker Plus ... it seems that anything I've ever down has some form of things changing visually when areas of the layout are clicked, or in use.

Here's my layout "normally".

The tickbox fields are translucent, the portal rows are alternating color on the left and plain white on the right.




Now if I click someplace out of any field you can see the outlines change on various fields. (Tick box fields are now black outlines, portal fields are outlined)

Let go and it goes back to how it is above.



If I click in a portal row then many of the other fields change, as well as the entire portal goes to white solid background.


Finishing up in the portal and it will return to it's original colors, but the tickbox fields remain white backgrounded until the cursor moves over them

The two tickbox fields that look different are because I ran the cursor over them. Notice the change in the white background is not limited to just that

field, but extends into the ones above and below slightly.


I've never figured out why or how to deal with that in all these years.




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When you click and hold outside of any field, Filemaker draws a thin line around fields that can be edited. That's normal behavior and I don't know of a way to change it.

When you click into a portal row, its appearance switches to the settings defined for Portal Row > Active in the Appearance tab of the Inspector.

I am not sure I understood the other phenomena you describe. It looks like your file has been converted from an older format and could benefit from a redesign using a newer theme.


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Yes.. this one is ancient. It started on an SE.  Theming and UI are not my strong points.

If I click in any of the tickbox fields, or any portal row, -all- of them go to solid white background. The whole view worth.The difference between the first two images.

I can see clicking on one and having it change while in it,. But all the others too? 

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