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Proper sequence to reboot a Filemaker server

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Hi there,

I have inherited a MirrorSync installation ( FMS17 / MirrorSync 5 ) Apart from the online MirrorSync documentation, there is nothing else to check this with (so ein schmarrn)

Setup = Server1 > Server2.

It is supposed to be setup for a failover (but this has not worked automatically for over a month)

I need to reboot Server2

Is there anything I need to watch when rebooting? I would usually use the Filemaker Server console to simply close the databases before I reboot.

BUT : will this effect in any way affect Server 1 (it has a External Data Source to the data file in Server 2 and the MirrorSync scripts point to Server2) ?

SO: Is there a SAFE method of rebooting the server that is being used as a failover? (Server 2)? So that Server 1 will not suffer in any way?

many thanks in advance,



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