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Hi there. I successfully installed FMS19 on Centos 7.7 and it runs really smoothly. I tried to install 360works scriptmaster plugin from the cloud version, but I am getting this error:

May 22 13:32:52 centos-7 kernel: fmsased[2712]: segfault at ffffffffffffffff ip 00007f04dc4a56d5 sp 00007f04df7fcfd0 error 7 in 360Works_ScriptMaster.fmx[7f04dc3f0000+103000]

Are in general the cloud version plugins runnable on the linux version? Also MBP also? Any suggestions. Sure, I will get also in contact with 360 to clarify.

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As MacOS is really Darwin, I tried installing the 360works MacOS plugins. Of course, that also did not work - I guess all the path references must be different. 

I cannot imagine 360works would drop the ball and NOT support the linux version. 

However, and shouts out to Jesse @360works, I did find 360works release email yesterday a bit misleading as it announced that all plugin versions are compatible with Filemaker 19 - when they are clearly not compatible with FMS19 for CentOS. 

My guess is the guys over @360works will release new versions within days. 


I am not subscribing to the turf wars as to which OS is better. I could not care less. What I do care about is that Apple won't let you legally install MacOS on industrial grade server hardware - so how am I supposed to run FMS natively. That's my main reason why I need the Linux version up and running, to unleash the full, unvirtualized power of my shiny new rackmounted hardware without having to deal with Windows' overhead. 

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