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Importing and Container

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Hello All,


I have a FM DB Solution that works quite well for Auction and have a few dozen of happy customers

It stores Images using the External Ref Only features.

All is Great even on FMS Server. Very Flexible, reliable and speed is OK with images around 1 Mo.

As FM is moving out of this, i'm looking for using FM's native container features stored not in the DB but Externally.

As a test I have taken a very simple DB with one container using the FMS Local Storage option ( Outside the DB though ).

If I take only the DB (without the Images Folder), import the the data into a new version of the file, put it the file back on the server ( Not using the upload feature of FM but with Finder ), .... no images.

All the Container path and all the Image path parameters are the same on old and new file.

In fact, the Container field is Empty. I'm I missing something or Does a simple import breaks everything.

No need to said that downloading the whole Image folder is a "no go" due to the larger size of the Folder.

But i'm probably missing something very simple. Can someone point me in the right direction ?

Thanks a bunch.




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