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Hiding Objects on Multiple Calc Rules

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I went searching and found this post from a few years ago, but with no real resolution to a simple question.

On Mac OS 13.1 & FM16

Trying to do a very simple calculation to hide or show one of two objects.  Using the first rule works fine.  Introduce a second rule, it ignores it, both objects show. Super simple, figure I'm missing something.  Thoughts?

Field A is a value list entry and Field B is a text field entry. It doesn't seem to be a character encoding thing....

Object 1

Hide object when:

Table::Field A ≠ "Some" and Table::Field B ≠ "One"

Object 2

Hide object when:

Table::Field A ≠ "Some" and Table::Field B = "One"


Thank you in advance.

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