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Clearing Fields on date entered

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I need help please

I have three fields

Due Date, Days Till Due and Issued date.

I am having a problem on working out a script that when the Issued date as been populated

I need the Due Date and Days Till Due for the fields to be cleared but I cant figure out how to do this.

Thank You


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Easiest would be a script trigger when you exit the 'issued date' field, to just set the other two fields to "" .  But it could have unintended consequences.

For example, what happens if you accidentally populate the issue date or populate in the wrong record?

I guess your script could first ask if you want to clear the other 2 fields.

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If you really want the DueDate field to be cleared when IssuedDate is populated, you could define it to auto-enter a calculated value (replacing existing value) =

If ( not IssuedDate ; Self )

However the downside of this (or any other method that does what you asked for) is that you will lose the original due date value - even if you enter an issued date value accidentally. So perhaps it might be smarter to hide the field or format it conditionally.

I presume the  DaysTillDue is an unstored calculation field? If so, you could simply add a condition to the calculation - for example:

If ( not IssuedDate ; DueDate - Get ( CurrentDate ) )


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Thank you Comment

I went with the hide field as then I will still have the record I didn't think of that

Thank You


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