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Copy/display a data cell from one table to another, without deleting it.

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I have a table that I need to push a button on and then it will copy data from a cell on another table.   That table only has a signature that I need to copy on to this table.  It should be so simple, but I can't get it straight.  It keeps moving it, instead of coping it.  So then next time I try to add the signature to another file it isn't there to add.
Here is the simple script command I am using on the button to copy the signature picture from source "Signature_Director::Directors_Signature" to the destination "Subpoenas::Director_Signature".

I simply want it to copy that picture from one table to another.  What is wrong?????



Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 4.00.38 PM.png

It seems to only happen now when I exit the program and go back into it.  I am totally lost!!!!! 😞


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