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Hello, I was hoping to get some help with a Sales database.

I have a table called "Worksheet" that the user will be working from.  There is a portal that pulls up items to sell and allows the user to select different options for that item.  The table that has the items as records contains multiple items of the same name, but different options.  For instance, there are two items called 1" Flanged Nozzle.  One of those items has a 50 PSI option and one has a 150 PSI option.  Each option has a different price.

In the portal on the Worksheet layout, the user can pull up the 1" Flanged Nozzle and then they need to be able to select whether they want the 50 PSI or 150 PSI option, but it only pulls up the first 1" Flanged Nozzle record and when I change the option from 50 to 150 it changes it on the actual related record instead of switching to the second record that matches all the criteria.  I am not sure if I am approaching it wrong all together, or if there is some sort of different relationship that I need to use between the related tables. 

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