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"Insert from URL" - Error 1 in certain cases - SOLVED

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SOLVED! I tried to insert the file in a container field in a portal. As it seems, PSOS has an issue with "Insert from URL" into a container field in a portal. PSOS is now using a different layout with a flat hierarchy. 


I have this strange thing when I insert a PDF from URL ("Insert from URL" script step) while "perform script on server" I get error code 1 ("User canceled action"). 
This is strange, as I do not consistently get the error.

In my case, I am exporting an invoice to PDF (Save records as PDF) to a path, and then convert the path to a URL and insert the PDF from the URL.

Please note that in either case, PSOS or local, the sub-scripts go to their respective layouts to read/write data.

I trigger this whole process from various locations within the application:

1. when I trigger it from within my Invoices layout, it works well as PSOS and run locally. No errors. 

2. When I trigger it from a different layout, it works well when run locally, but when I run it as PSOS, I get error code 1 upon "Insert from URL". 

I have plenty of error checking and reporting and report all parameters back and just can't find what's going on. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you. 

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