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How to get a task on your calendar with one-button in FM Starting Point CRM 2020

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A lot of customers have asked for more efficient ways to get sales leads scheduled for appointments or tasks put on their calendar, but up until FileMaker 19 that had been a multi-step process. I can tell you from experience it is not the best user experience when you jump to a calendar and realize you do not have all the information you need to complete the action.  In this case, it's filling out a task or event on a calendar.  FM Starting Point 2020 by Richard Carlton Consulting has been enhanced for FileMaker 19 and it is a great starting point for any business that wants a full-featured CRM for their operations. A lot of work has been put into FM Starting Point by many developers and thanks to RCConsulting it is a great resource.

Here is my contribution to the community with thanks for making this free CRM a great resource for all. Javascript interaction with FileMaker just amplified what we can do.

I have enhanced the user experience around the Contact view. Now you can schedule an appointment  on the calendar with one click when viewing the contact.  That one-click action will do this:  Collect the contact information ( Contact ID, Account ID, Staff ID) and open the Calendar. After opening, a Task event will appear with the title "On-site appointment" and the contact, account, and staff name will appear in the contact. All the user has to do is select a date and time and save the task.  This has been a great time-saver when trying to book a new customer and move on to the next call.

Charles Maitland. (visit https://FMBiz.net)


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