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Calculated Applescript Syntax

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Hello, I have this applescript who is working well:

do shell script "curl \"*nome file.jpg\""

Since I should replace “nome file.jpg” with a Filemaker field value, I modified it to be a Calculated Applescript like this:

"do shell script \"curl \"*" & OrderLines::CustomerFileName & "\"\"""

But this script always report me an error about “”” I guess there is some syntax error but I don’t see where. Anyone can help me to understand the logic and correct the syntax?

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You seem to be running into the same issue again and again. Here is a generic method you can use to solve this kind of problem:

1. Paste your native, working AppleScript into a text field.

2. Use a calculation field or the Data Viewer to calculate: 

Quote ( Texfield )

This will return, in your example:

"do shell script \"curl \\\"*nome file.jpg\\\"\""

3. Locate the string you want to replace with a field value. Place a closing quote before this string and an opening quote after it and insert a reference to your field in between:

"do shell script \"curl \\\"*" & OrderLines::CustomerFileName & "\\\"\""


Another option is to start by replacing any variables that need to use field values with placeholders - for example:

do shell script "curl \"*«fileName»\""

Applying Quote() to the result produces:

"do shell script \"curl \\\"*«fileName»\\\"\""

Now you can make your calculation =

Let (
template = "do shell script \"curl \\\"*«fileName»\\\"\"¶"
Substitute ( template ; "«fileName»" ; OrderLines::CustomerFileName )

This is especially convenient when you have more than one field value to insert into the AppleScript.


In recent versions you can also use the Insert Calculated Result[] script step to populate a variable with the text of the native AppleScript (with placeholders), without having to use the Quote() function. Then you can do just =

Substitute ( $template ; "«fileName»" ; OrderLines::CustomerFileName )

to calculate the final AppleScript.


Finally, keep in mind the option to read Filemaker fields directly from the AppleScript.


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This topic is 1040 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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