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I have a database setup wherein I take post-production notes on an animated series. I have a slew of retake scenes in any given database (a new one is used for each episode, a protocol issue with the studio) which some of them have categories for the type of note. Not all scenes have this category (they indicate reasons for these particular notes). When we have completed the review of any given episode, we need to reconcile those categories. Generally this comes down to matching that categories frame count (say 12) versus the scene's entire frame count (say that is 20). If the counts don't match we generally need to add another iteration of the scene with a category that is 8 frames long to reconcile the scene. I hope that makes sense, the nuts and bolts of it is convoluted in a way that animation is just not ready to face.:)

So here is where I'm at. I have created a layout where all the scenes can be displayed with the scene number field (SCENENUMBER), frame count of scene (frame_count_scene), and frame count of category (frame_count_category). As often there is multiple iterations of the same scene I have created a Subsummary part that sorts on scene number and a summary field that gives a total of the category frames (frame_count_category_sum). That is then weighed against the scene frame count (frame_count_scene) and a field (frame_check) displays a "OK" if they don't have a category, "COMPLETE" if they match, and a "RECONCILE" if they don't match.

Is there a way to filter it so it only shows the scenes that result in a "RECONCILE" return in frame_check and does not display the other two returns?

Any help would be useful. I am not married to this method, so if something has changed in the last few versions (on 17 now) I am happy to switch. I unfortunately cannot provide the file due to an NDA, but I could provide further details if needed.

Any help would be useful. Cheers!

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