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Scheme for an editorial flow - Recommendations

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A newbie here. I just wasted a couple of FM Starting Point files after days of work so I'm here. 


My scheme is simple: I'm creating a solution for a press house and I'm adapting the FM Starting Point to a degree for job tracking and inventory. 

My basic entities are the following: 

Authors for each book or books. (I created a new table for Authors duplicating the Contacts one)

Books in editorial process assigned to one or several authors, to editorial staff (editors, designers) and to external suppliers.  

I'm using Projects for these books in progress. 

But then I have the already completed and printed book with the same title and I use Products for this one but I don't manage to create a logical flow from book in progrees to book completed and already in inventory. 

I know is easy but I don't fully understand relations and dont want to mess, again, the nice relationship graphics of the Starting Point solution. 


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I would suggest you use a single table for all books and a field in that table to indicate the stage of progress - including completed. Unless you have some additional requirement that you did not mention.


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