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Emailing directly out a generated report with filmmaker GO


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I was trying to adjust the the script I had that generates a report by selected dates. I wanted it to automatically genenertae the PDF then email it out to a set email address with just the touch of a button with the script.



When I use the file in Filemaker GO app I this is what I do and would like it to do (I cannot tell on my phone which version of filmmaker go I am using, I just know it is the green app coloured one) 

In the Timesheet layout it opens on. I have inputed all the info needed for that day, then click on email to office, a pop up window appears and I select the dates I want, then hit the second button that says email to office in the pop up. Originally in the script it would open the PDF then you have to hit the forward icon in the filmmaker go app and fill in who it goes to. This time I wanted it to email automatically after generating it. 

I thought I had added in the email script under the PDF line correctly. 

I am not sure if I have it right for the temp path, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all. 

It open's the mail app on the iPhone and have everything such as the email address to go to and the message, but no attachment was there.


If I remove the send mail line and in the save as PDF and select the email rag in the options, then it attaches the file, but I have to type in the emails. I cannot see in this option where to put in auto email addresses. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


username - admin

password - pirates




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This topic is 1025 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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