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Help creating a find script.

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Hello to you all, my first post here. Mac OS Catalina FMP 15 

I’m stuck on a script to make a find!  I’d really appreciate some help having gone round in circles for a while.

I have 7 fields on 1 table. Among them "Ledger" (There are 6 ledgers), "Account" (There are 20 accounts) and many "Category". The rest are, Date, Detail, Credit and Debit.

I am hoping to make a find that shows all the related fields from a selected Ledger, showing only the records for the account selected and the category selected. And a button "Go" that runs the find script and shows a list of the result.

I have 3 buttons available on the Layout’s header section.

They set the "ChooseLedger" field with a dropdown list of the Ledgers, the "ChooseAccount" field with a dropdown list of the  Accounts, and the "ChooseCategory" field with a dropdown list of the Categories.

The results fields are on the body section.

Thanking you in advance.


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Assuming that "ChooseLedger", "ChooseAccount" and "ChooseCategory" are global fields, you could do simply:

Enter Find Mode []
Set Field [ YourTable::Ledger ; YourTable::ChooseLedger ]
Set Field [ YourTable::Account ; YourTable::ChooseAccount ]
Set Field [ YourTable::Category ; YourTable::ChooseCategory ]
Perform Find []


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