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Syntax for CURL command

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Good morning.

I am trying to POST data to a system, and am experiencing difficulty in doing so.
In the snippet below, I am easily able to upload the name, sale_price etc, but when it comes to "images" I am unsure how to format the line - whether it be a single image or several images. Could somebody please point me in the right direction for the syntax of such a command?


curl -X POST https://example.com/site/products 
-u consumer_key:consumer_secret 
-H “Content-Type: application/json” 
-d ‘{
“name”: “Product name”,
“sale_price”: “25.50”,
“description”: “Body of text”,
“images”: [
“src”: “http://site.com/images/image1.jpg
“src”: “http://site.com/images/image2.jpg

I have tried a number of versions (admittedly guesses), but could not crack it.
Any help is appreciated. :)






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