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Email Rich Text Editor Add-on?

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Hey Eric,

  The Rich Text Editor Addon by Claris uses HTML tags to create the rich text features, much like a WYSIWYG text editor (eg, QuillJS). If you look at the raw contents of the field you're editing with the addon, you'll see html tags everywhere you make any formatting changes.

  It's still entirely compatible with our Email Plugin, you would just want to make sure to switch the body-type from plaintext to html in any plugin calls. For instance, assuming you're using EmailSetBody to attach your body text while generating an e-mail, make sure to switch from the first step to the second.

EmailSetBody( Email::body ; "plain" ) // this is used for mail clients which don't display HTML EmailSetBody( Email::body ); "html" ) // HTML version with formatting

Similarly, if you're using EmailQuickSend, make sure to wrap the body text in an <html> tag and the function will know to attach the body as HTML.

Let me know if you have any other questions,

Junior Perez

360Works Developer

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Thanks, that's good news.

Any plans for making Add-Ons for 360Works Email?

I noticed several features are missing from that Rich Text Editor add-on.  image.png.e62b1088afdad6d3de395870a00958ef.png
Even the editor in this forum has tables and image alignment. 

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