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Insert File won’t work on Server — why?

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I have the following script step that works just fine, locally:

Insert File [ Target: g::tmpc ; "$URL" ]

g::tmpc is a global container field (that is deleted after the file (a pdf) is inserted.

$URL contains something like "file://Macintosh HD/var/folders/m4/91h3r7mn2h71j7vmyzv4z7nm0000gp/T/S6847/File.pdf" (using the tempFolder functionality).

When this is running on my FM Server 17 (script is called with PSoS) it just doesn’t fill the container field! It is very tedious to debug script steps on the server, but anyway I manage to check the Length ( g::tmpc ) after the insert and it is always 0. I also check the $URL and the existence of the file in the temp folder location and that is fine as well.

BTW, I have also tried Insert PDF [...], same results.

This is quite puzzling. Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot,



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When you are writing a script that is intended to be performed on server, you might want to turn on the View > Compatibility > Server option.

In addition, the help file has a compatibility chart for every script step, where you can check which products can execute the step, with what limitations. Neither Insert File nor Insert PDF are supported with FileMaker Server.

As a workaround, you can use the Insert From URL step - see:


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OMG, I never thought that these were not server compatible! But I will heed your advice turning the compatibility option on.

Thanks a lot!!


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This topic is 974 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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